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So, you’ve most likely come here to find reputable South African casinos to join. Well, our service is to provide, but by no means are we going to force you to join our recommendations. Our role is to inform and suggest. This site is a platform that gives you not only a top 10 recommendation but also supplies you with free online casino games to play from any device. There are ‘How To’ articles on game rules and this includes strategies and tips.

We have implemented these articles and games to give you a better starting point before you head into the world of real money gaming. We want you prepared the best possible way because it will help you to be successful inside the top SA online casino sites. These casino have been ranked by our friend 1 Best Online Casinos

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We are confident that our services will please the most hardened of gamblers amongst you. We put a lot of time and effort in making our list of recommended casinos. But as we said, you are more than welcome to stick with the South African national lottery if you want, we won’t be forcing you.

To give you an insight into our work, we first assess the available casinos which are approved for the South African market. We run background checks against the registered business name to eliminate those with a bad history record. We test the sites fully from security to gaming. What remains is a list of online South Africa casino establishments that are legal, fully equipped and diverse in their presentation.

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The casino South Africa Online legalities are something which wouldn’t stir much excitement when making conversation at the dinner table, but for players that are unsure of what the rules are when it comes to online gambling. If you have read that it is illegal, then that information if very much wrong and very much old news.

In 2017 the NGB (National Gambling Board) amended the very outdated law and allowed for online gambling to be legal if carried out by South African players inside of overseas casinos. An odd rule but one that is very much carried out by nearly every country on the planet, so no real big surprise.

The online casino South Africa legal details

So, yes, you can play inside of casinos online that are not based in South Africa. It’s nothing to be alarmed about, this is how the world is working these days. The process of how this all works is all very simple.

What you have are still the best south African casino options. These are licensed sites by licensing bodies like the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and the UK Gambling Commission. Once the market opened in South Africa, dozens and dozens of these licensed casinos met the approval of the NGB and became legally approved gambling platforms that take South African money and pay out in the ZAR currency also.

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What can you expect from the best casinos online? Well, what you will first notice is the scale of games that are now available to play, each casino holds an average of 1000 slots, these are regularly updated month by month. Players can enjoy a large number of live table games that are each hosted by real-time live dealers. The live casino option invites players to play their classics like poker, craps, roulette, baccarat and roulette. There are other new games like Monopoly and Deal or No Deal to raise the intrigue and opportunity of the players. Not satisfied with just giving you classic casino games, they also provide live sports betting!

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As mentioned, no pressure to play or join, we simply advise you to take a look. We have online casino reviews to help you understand the finer details of each site’s service. We give you a full review of the games and what can be played. We inform you of the software that powers and protects the site and all within. There is info on the banking services available to members and what customer support is available. Lastly, each online casino has a free welcome bonus that allows you to play free online casino games.

We won’t say anymore, enjoy!